At Right-Way Rental, you can purchase a propane tank for your grill. If you already own a tank, we can refill it for you! Contact us or stop by the store for more information on sales and refills.

Right-Way can supply propane for your fuel needs

Buy or Rent?

If you own a propane grill, you have two options when it comes to fuel:

  • Purchase an empty tank (or two) and pay to have it filled and refilled.
  • Participate in a “propane exchange” program: rent a filled tank and return to exchange it for a full tank when it is empty.

Don’t Run Out of Fuel!

If you grill regularly with propane, you may have experienced a scenario like this: after lighting the grill and putting dinner on, you step away to do a bit of yard work. When you come back twenty minutes later, the tank is empty and your dinner is still not ready! That’s why we recommend always having a completely full backup propane tank on hand and ready to go. That way, you can easily switch out tanks any time you run out and dinner is back on. Then you can stop by Right Way Rental for a refill at your leisure–and not in the middle of making dinner!

Purchasing and exchanging each have their own perks. Propane exchange may be less expensive initially, but it might not be cost effective in the long run. Since it’s difficult to tell how close the tank is to being empty, you run the risk of either exchanging a tank that still has plenty of fuel in it or running out in the middle of making dinner. If you purchase a tank, you only pay for the amount of propane you receive each time you refill.



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